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Wrist Wraps To Prevent Wrists Bending Back?

so after a few sets of push presses my wrists sometimes hurt. it is most likely due to my hands bending back as i push up the weight. anyway i was wondering if wrist wraps would helpt stop this from happening?

any thoughts on using such an aid?

Mine too. When they start hurting, I just don’t let them bend back so far. I’m sure wrist wraps would help, but I don’t feel I really need them yet.

Mine used to hurt because I had the bar too far up towards my fingers. Thus, the bar shifts backwards easy. I let the bar sit as close to the base of my palm now (closest to the forearm) and I haven’t had pain since.

Change your thread title.

Edit: that’s better!

Only use aids on big lifts, I dont care what some guys say but straps and wraps are for max efforts or generally lifting heavy.

Make your wrists and grip strong as well as the rest of your body.

I use athletic tape for face pulls and push presses. It helps me tremendously.

If the choices are ‘get injured’ or ‘use wraps’ then I suggest you flex the brain muscles.

Do they hurt when you warm up? What about before you start getting into the heavier sets? Maybe you are rebounding or bouncing the bar on the turn around from eccentric to concentric causing the bar to shift from the wrists to the back of the palms. Also, are you using suicide grip or wrapping your thumbs?