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Wrist Wraps on the Deadlift


Keep in mind I'm talking about wraps, not straps.

I noticed it at the Arnold this year as well- a lot of lifters had their wrists wrapped while deadlifting.

Any reasons?


maybe it feels good?

i yelled at my computer screen when i watched the vid. i wanted him to lock it out!


I've tried it since I've seen people do it. I don't think it did anything for me. I definitely like them on Sq and B.


if you have a grip issue you can wrap the wrist up over the thumb to lock it into place. i did this for a kid at my last comp. he missed an attempt becuase of grip. i wrapped his thumb closed and he was able to hold on long enough to get the down command. It's really only a band aid until you get your grip caught up with your stength.


Yea if you wrap your wrist as tight as possible it will hold the tendons in place and it will help with grip issues. I think that it is a give and take in that the wraps will increase the friction on the legs and could make for a harder pull. But I know a few lifters that can use the wraps to their advantage.


Trick is to make as tight a fist as possible, then wrap your wrist as tightly as possible. Try it now. When you try to open your hand it'll be pretty much impossible to get it all the way!


Cool stuff, thanks guys.


This. It definitely helps. I do it. It hurts, because youve got to get them TIGHT, bu tI would say it is worth it.



So, those of you who wrap - you don't find it annoying when your hands start falling asleep?


You do it right as you step on the platform to prevent this!


The problem I have with it is that I have a hard time getting my grip set right with the wraps ons. The wraps swell my hands up and the bar doen't fall into its normal place right. I remember trying this in a meet a couple years ago. This was duringmy sumo phase and between trying to get my grip right and doing all the foot positioning you do when pulling sumo, I think spent a solid 20 seconds setting up for each attempt. I have considered trying it again though given my current grip issues.


learn to hook grip


i have used it lately for pulling because i have been having wrist pain from benching. for some reason it helps alleviate the pain, and it also helps me close my hand up better...


So I tried the closed up fist today...good trick, thanks!