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Wrist Wraps for Bench

When to use them? Just wondering if people view them as a crutch, such as a belt, or should they be used during heavy benching (>315 with 7" wrists)?

I have small wrists too and always use wraps on reverse grip bench. Plus I use them for anything at or above 225 on regular bench.

Notice EC’s first tip to keep wrists healthy.

I’m a big fan of APT ZRV Pro or APT Blue Power wraps. The company is fast and they have great customer service. PM me if you need a discount code.

nothing wrong with wraps. I have little girl wrists also and use them for anything over 225.

I like the metal all black, but they are expensive.

Use them whenever you want. Both the above suggestions are good. Unfortunately the new Metal wraps aren’t the same material as they used to be. Now they are a little more stretchy.