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Wrist Wrap Questions

Due to previous injuries and surgeries my wrists get aggravated quite a bit lifting, especially with a barbell. I had planned to buy something off rogues website but noticed the local sporting good store had some 18” ones. Went and checked them out and they aren’t what I thought. They are thin and stretchy… is this normal? I assumed they’d be pretty sturdy, almost like my lifting straps.
Are the fancy ones sturdier/non stretchy? Hesitant to order some offline now that I saw these.

Cliff notes:
Don’t compete
Need wrist support for barbell work
Which ones you like?

I think what you are looking for is more of a competition style wrap. EliteFTS has a lot of good ones (mine are the “heavies” and I would recommend them), and they have the best prices I have seen. I say go for the longest ones you can find (mine are 80 cm or about 32").


They also have super heavies. I have tried these on, and could not tell a difference. I have heard good things about the krait wraps. I had some of their maverick wraps, and would not get those due to the texture of the material. It was abrasive, and hurt a lot if they were tight. Also, my wrists looked like they had a rash on them for a day or two after. Ended up giving those ones away.


I have two pairs. One is Titan that I got for free as part of a prize package from a contest about a million years ago. They are either 9 or 12 inches, and honestly, great. Easy to put on and take off and could easily function as a tourniquet of necessary - they will seriously stop blood flow if puled too tight when wrapping. The Inzers are about the same, but a lot longer. They do the same job but take longer to put on and longer to roll up after I’m done. They should be stretchy, they are essentially the same as knee wraps but smaller and with a thumb loop to make it easier to put them on. I have had both pairs for a very long time with no issues. Don’t wash in warm water or run through a dryer. Cold water and air dry.

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Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps | Available in Multiple Colors (Black/Red, 12") https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBP3J7Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_kuZSFbEZTD9P4

I’ve had those for years now. They do the job- they’re thin and stretchy, but I can’t wrap them too tight or I’ll cut circulation off. Most wrist wraps are not like lifting straps.

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So stretchy is normal?

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Yes, they are made of heavy elastic with velcro.

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There’s quite a bit of variation when it comes to wrist wraps in terms of stiffness. One if necessarily better than the other. A stretchy wrap can get you lots of tight revolutions and support your wrist joint that way. Could also cause greater damage by compressing the wrist joint if that is what tends to irritate ur wrists. I got Mark Bell’s / Slingshot’s Gangsta wraps (forget what length). If you go soft wrist wraps don’t get the short-er sizes because may not be enough wrap to get the fit you want.

There are some wraps that are quite stiff like the pioneer phantoms. I’m not a fan of them myself because they don’t quite mould to your wrist the same way and many people find them outright uncomfortable to the point of offsetting any benefit. If you could get something like that fitted right it would make for a very sturdy cast like wrap.

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