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Wrist Wrap for Injured Wrist?

Brother injured his wrist a while back breaking a fall off a bike and it is causing a bit of pain when pressing and stabilizing. Would is be recommended for him to use wrist wraps? If so, just on the inured wrist? Any way to speed up healing? Bit of a hassle to see a doctor right now.

My gut feeling is that for most cases it wouldn’t be a good idea to cover up pain with wrist wraps. In some cases wrist wraps could exacerbate pain. I’d look to fix the issue outside of wraps first being trying wraps.

How’s the gripping/pressing technique? Where’s the pain? Is pain load or position/exercise dependent? Does gripping hurt or does just supporting the bar?

Was it the original incident a sprain or a fracture or something else?

Look up scaphoid fraction on google and see if if is that u can self test.