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Wrist Wrap for Injured Wrist?

Brother injured his wrist a while back breaking a fall off a bike and it is causing a bit of pain when pressing and stabilizing. Would is be recommended for him to use wrist wraps? If so, just on the inured wrist? Any way to speed up healing? Bit of a hassle to see a doctor right now.

Wrap both wrists until he can see a Dr.

If pain persists, see a Dr.

I’m not a Dr.

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Had wrist injuries so used wraps, all healed but still continue to use them. Tight wraps with bench or curls keep the wrist straight and don’t allow bending which is what you don’t want.

This is just my opinion But has helped big time. Hit a 405 bench with them on but usually don’t use them until I get to 315. Everyone is different though.