Wrist Weights and Dumb Bells

I heavily prefer using dumbell’s for most all movements where they are applicalble. However, using these, I run into problems when doing programs such as Chad Waterbury’s that call for a 2.5% increase in weight each week. In most all cases the smallest you can move up on dumbell movements is 5lbs a piece, which is a total of 10. I was trying to figure some way around this the other day when I saw my sister doing some excercises with ankle/wrist weights. Woudl it be possible to say, if I wanted to move up 4lbs, on my dumbell bench, to strap 2lb wrist weights on. I know this may look awkward as I have never seen it done, but wouldn’t the two lbs. on each wrist still be adding to the wrist. Any insight on this is appreciated.

welcome to the outside of the box! hell, strap anything on there. maybe your sister has … a strap-on?


I second what that Bastard said. If I load 135 onto a bar, and then wear a 100-pound weight vest, and start to do squats, aren’t I squatting with 235? Do what you need to do. If it makes it heavier, it counts.