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Wrist straps with hooks

My grip gives out on exercises like dumbell shrubs and upright rows. My delts can handle more weight than I can hold a grip on. I do exercises to improve my grip, but in the meantime…
The problem is mainly due to the thin bar. I have very long fingers so that doesn’t help. I have no problems on thicker chin bars. Any recommendations on wrist straps with hooks? I did an internet search and only saw a Grizzly and Nitro models that only cover the two middle fingers. I 'd like something have I could wrap all four fingers around.

Check out the old things we like article for the thick grip adapter. I would try that before using hooks.

Grip is very important to the pwer lifter, but that is usually very low reps(1-3). during periods of higher rep training(8-12) like normal bodybuilding, your grip will die before the target muscle is cooked.first I would try using some foam padding if the small bar poses the problem. Most upholstery shops have scapes lying around that you can get free or real cheap. When it comes to sraps, just try to introduce them in your later sets when the weight is at the heaviest. Just dont try to rely on them

Why do you think you need the hooks? A set of plain straps for the times when your own grip won’t suffice should be fine. SRS