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Wrist Straps vs Hook Straps


I'm recovering from a fractured left ring finger. Now that I can lift again, I find that my grip strength in my left hand is only about 70% of what it used to be. I'm considering buying some straps until my rehab work with the finger is complete. I was trying to decide between traditional straps and the hook straps I saw at the website below:


If anyone has any feedback on hook straps vs. regular wrist straps I'd appreciate it.


I'd go with wrist straps they worked well for me when I dislocated my left middle finger. The hook straps just kind of look like a gimmick to me and I've never heard of them before.

On a sidenote... good luck with the finger rehab, it's been 9 months since I dislocated my finger and I'm just 100% since the past month and a half.


I own both. wrist straps require more grip effort to hold everything in place. hook straps pretty much remove your hands from the equation, since the hooks 'replace' your hands at the end of your arms, and therefore put less stress upon your injured hand.

Hook straps are also easier to use, as you just hook the bar, while wrist straps require the the wrapping thing. Both have their places. For example, i would use wrist straps on my ME high pulls, while hooks on ME rack pulls.


I'm ok as far as deadlifting goes because I can do the under/over grip, with my left hand being the under. I'm only having difficult with lifts that require both hands over the bar, like the olympic lifts. So straps would probably be a better option for doing the olympic lifts??


for O-lifts I'd prefer wrist straps.


Do you use a hook grip at all?