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Wrist Strap Recommendations


I've never used wrist straps and never wanted to, but due to arthritis my hands are deteriorating the the point that I need to take some of the stress off my grip during pulling exercises. Can anyone suggest a type that would be good for me? I'm going to use them for pullups/pulldowns, rows, etc. Anything requiring a grip. Thanks in advance.


I use a pair made by Harbinger that are padded on the section that contacts the wrist when strapped in. I use them for a couple of pulling exercises, including deadlifts, and they handle the abuse well. If I remember right, they were 10 or eleven bucks.


ive only used one pair by Spud Inc.

those are them in the vid, cept' mine are orange


Not exactly a strap, but it works the same way:



Spud or Ironmind straps. Can't go wrong when you see their stuff used by the world's strongest men.


APT with nylon reenforcement. Great purchase.


my spuds are rediculously thick and wide. some kid at the gym was really impressed with them so he went and bought his own pair. plus i think when you have a pair of heavy duty straps you just feel more like you're doing it right.


I like my Spud straps a lot. How'd you get orange though? I got mine from Elitefts and I don't remember an option.


Straps are basic gear. I'm sure most brands make good straps.

I have Grizzly straps and I looooove them. I did my first 405 DL with them.



I got the Spuds and APT straps. Both are built amazingly, and are comfortable.


Sorry, a slight hijack coming -I really like Marc and he really knows his stuff but am I the only one to find the Spud straps way too thick? I've gone back to my cheap Maximuscle straps which I find work well.

BTW -His other stuff is great -just the wrist straps!