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Wrist Sprain Rehab

I sprained both wrists almost a month ago during a clean gone bad, and they’ve never been quite the same since. They recovered pretty quickly during the first week, after I did the RICE (rest, ice …) dutifully, but thereafter I havn’t noted much improvement in their condition. I can bench with a little pain, but I totally cannot do dips and push-ups.

I can do heavy deadlifts with alternative grip both ways with no pain, and pullups with pronated grip, but when I try a supinated grip the pain is so intense that I cannot even start pulling. The pain is concentrated along the tendon (?) along the outer sides of my thumbs. DB and EZ-bar curls are ok, but a reverse grip curl is impossible. Why is this so? Also, any suggestions on rehab exercises / therapy?

I have also realised (since the injury) that my hands are tilted slightly inwards compared to most people, i.e. with my palm facing me, when I flex my wrist it looks tilted to one side / when my forearm is perpendicular to the ground with palm open, my index finger is pointing upwards (not middle finger. Could this be a contributing factor?

(Btw the doctor I visited the day after getting injured said it would be fine in a week, but then again, he appeared young, inexperienced and totally unfamiliar with weight training, so.)