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Wrist splits.


Hey guys-

Looking for some help here.

I'm been having pain in my forearms, very similar in feeling to shin splits. I noticed the most with barbell curls, but feel tweaks on bench exercises as well. Has anyone experienced this? If you have what is it? And what rehab, if any, did you utilize to help with this.


bump....any takers?


The only time I ever had anything like that was when I was cheerleading. I guess those little girls had more of an impact than I thought. It just took some time of not cheering to help them. Sorry I can't offer more help than that.


Fullcount22, yes, I have had the same thing, off and on for a few years. ART helped quite a bit but it still comes back every now and then. If you go with ART, go to someone with at least 10 yrs experience... I have used the same guy for at least 6yrs now, and he has fixed almost everything that I went to him for.



Have you tried various stretching techniques like you would do with shin splints?

Since i spend several hours at computer daily, i tend to stretch my wrists/hands/fingers a lot.


I have experienced and occasionally still do experience the forearm pain you're talking about. Similar to shin splints, taking it easy seems to help. I only got them when i used really heavy weight on certain bicep and chest excercises. Working with lower weight for a short while seemed to help a lot, but similar to shin splints I'm sure rest is the only real treatment.


Me too. I usually get them if I've been training heavy for a while. Usually I take a few days off followed by a phase of more moderate weight. This usually gets rid of it. I think having long forearms contributes to the problem. Are the other people who get this long limbed?


Thanks for the repsonse so far. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm just going to take it easy for a few days, ice it up, and then see how it feels. If that doesn't work than I will look into ART.

SK- I'm long limbed(i'm 6'5") and would like to know if the others who have replied are long limbed as well.


I'm 6'2" (as seen in profile) and yes i do have long forearms.


I'm 6'4 and I obviously brought it up because my forearms are long.


If it's not broken, or a totally disrupted ligament, ART is always the answer.


Actually Mike Leahy has only been teaching ART since I think 1991, so your pool of possibilities would be very small. Get a referral from ART, or got to someone with good results from people you know.
I have 5 1/2 years experience, but am into "it" so to speak. There is a pretty quick learning curve if you're dedicated to the work for instance. For example Dr. Dave, Goldberg's guy and one of my instructors, referred a few pro athletes to me. Why/ he trusts my work. Got to someone with level three credentialing, that's total body and Ironman movement analysis.


I have long, relatively thin forearms for my height. I'm 6'2'' with short legs.