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Wrist Soreness


For the past few days I have suffered from sore wrist. I am worried that it might be carpal except that it suddenly occurred in both wrists.

Now, a few weeks ago(4-5) I injured my wrist by attempting to do front squats holding the bar in my hands instead of resting on my shoulders. My wrist hyperextended with the weight. When I did so I felt as if I tore both wrists.

Has anyone ever hyperextended their wrists as I did and later continued to have problems? Or do you believe I have a bigger problem?


Now you know damn straight what's causing it! J/k. Rest it, ice it & maybe try some wrist wraps while working out. That's all the advise I can think of @ the current moment.

Anyone else??


Wank with your other hand for a while.


I sort of did the same thing with my right wrist. Hyperextend it, I actually fell and to stop from falling I shoved my hands out in front of me, casuing my right wrist to take most of the force from the fall.

When I lift, I usually wear a pair of lifting gloves that have wrist wraps on them this helps give me support and it dosn't hurt when I do a bench workout which places some strain on my right wrist.


same here but just the other day. I didn't realize it at the time, but 2 days later doing bent over bb rows I had a vicious pain in my wrist where I could barely grip the bar once i started going 'heavy'. Im hoping this isnt a real injury, and just a fluke that day. No other exercise has bothered me since, including rdl's on friday.

Sucks, casue I really want to keep front squats in my routine, but can only seem to do them resting them on my shoulders, which is also wildly uncomfortable. Hopefully yours isn't a problem either.


Thanks for the replies..
I Googled Carpal Tunnel and found that I do not have it due to the symptoms they showed. Just an injury..

But it's nice to hear your opinions..


Im not a doctor...having it in both wrist is crazy. I broke my wrist lifting years ago. I broke the scaphoid, which helps all range of motion. two surgeries later...pins and screws im still broke. it sucks. hopefully you didnt do this, but i doubt it because you have the issue in both hands.
Good luck.


The crazy thing is that I dont have constant pain. It will be fine for awhile and then start to ache. It does feel like a stretched tendon, but how long do you recon a tendon takes to heal?

I bought a couple of wrist wraps for when I lift, just till the pain goes away. It is hard to rest an injury to the wrist since everything you do involves them!


Anytime you do front squats, or Olympic lifts you are going to get an incredible bend on the wrist joint. You can prevent problems with either method:

  1. Wrap your wrists tightly.

  2. Stop doing movements that hyperextend the wrists.

Don't get me wrong some people can do these movements all the time and not have a problem. Just like some can Bench press three times per week for many years and never have a shoulder problem. But others.........


Wrap them up..i screwed up my wrist a little bit because i wasnt doing my preachers properly a while ago.


If you want to learn to front squat olympic style, then do your warmup, first set, etc that way, then when it starts to get uncomfortable, switch.
Eventually you'll be able to do the whole workout and won't have to worry about hurting yourself.


Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Massage. Stretching and Time.

It will come right, but you will need to help it get there.