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Wrist size?

is this really a good indicator of any physical potential? Can i get some idea of whats small, normal or large? BTW mine is 6.5 inches (measured between the bony potrusion and the hand.)

"Can i get some idea of whats small, normal or large? BTW mine is 6.5 inches "

You sure you’re talking about wrist size?

It depends on what you mean by physical potential. If you mean muscular size, I believe the answer is yes.

There are many arguements for and against the use of wrist size to determine physical potential, but in reality, how many guys with 6.5 inch wrist circumference do you know who are massive? Now compare that number to the amount of huge guys you see with larger wrist circumference.

I have also heard many arguments for and against using wrist size. I thought I just read about this in a recent T-mag article and the author did not think it was very accurate. The sandow website has a calculator that converts wrist size into measurements. I don’t know how accurate it is since my measuresments were larger than everything it came up with but I can dig up the link if you are interested.

mine is about 6 inches in diameter- wait…oh, wrist. never mind.

Only six, Porter? Damn, I must have a pretty big – er, wrist!

Casey Butt had an excellent calculator which gave out predictions based on wrist/ankle/height.

On the other hand, the debate over the importance of wrist size is entirely different than the debate over the accuracy of a any specific calculator.

ohhh all th references to size of another kind… guess i should have seen it comming… ya… actually i saw some article i think on the renegade website where it says a guy with size 7 wrists look proportional at about 180lbs. and much more than that looked wierd.

Anyway… im asian (oriental) so i dun think we are as large as you guys in general (ya more comments on the way…) hahah

Some years back there was an article published based on measurements of military personnel. The idea being that they were “fit” and strong, but maybe not bodybuilders. Anyway the idea was that the wrist area (where you describe the measurement) doesn’t hold a lot of fat or muscle so it can be a true index of structure. The research gave some ideal porportions based on the different wrist sizes.
Sadly, I loaned my copy to the skinny young “trainer” at the local fitness center and haven’t seen it, or him, since then.
If anybody knows on an on-line version, please post the URL.
Come to think of it, I read it back in about '96 when I was reading a lot of MM2K on-line. Hey… maybe TC or Tim actually wrote the article, have a copy in their personal archives, and can re-publish it in T-mag!! (hint, hint!!!).

Coach Clarke,

Is this what you’re looking for?


Interesting article, DN. Haven’t grabbed the calculator to pound out the numbers yet, but probably will just for the hell of it.

Didn’t Poliquin say it was bullshit?


my take on the wrist thing is this…true a bigger “wristed” guy will generally be more massive, but most of this is pre-training anyway. When an individual trains, all that goes out the window.

So I only see it as a pre-training indicator of size, which would be common sense. But as far as determininf potential, I disagree.

My wrist is 6" around and personally I do think that it makes it more difficult for me to develop an impressive set of guns. My wrist starts out at 6" around, and then my forearm muscles do not really seem to contribute to the shape of my forearm until a good 5-6" up the arm. Then at the elbow, I have about a 3 finger gap between my inner elbow and my bicep. Furthermore, my triceps seem to start well above my elbow in the back. So it strikes me that most of my potential for mass starts at so far up my arm that I’ll probably never look particular impressive in a short sleeved shirt. So I would say that a combination of bone structure and just where your muscles happen to sit on your frame definitely influence your potential to achieve a certain look or build.

I have tiny wrists, but I am a rather large guy, 6’ 200lbs, 8-9% body fat.

Die Nadel;
Thanks for the link. Those formulas look familiar and I’ll have to try them on myself and my clients. That was not the original article I was thinking of. Mine was based on samples of military personnel.
And guys; You’re right about training, muscle insertion, etc. affecting your gains. What the wrist size formula was trying to do was put some math into that abstract thing we call “symmetry” or “proportion”.