Wrist Size as a Predictor of Bicep Potential

About all I can say is get to work. See what you can do.

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I did! I did!

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Here is me with the same size arms as my very slim wife. Fuck the calculator and get to work in the gym and also more importantly in the dining room.


How old are you in that picture ? Also do you know what your wrist size was ?

Well I guess I just wanna have a reasonable expectation of what my potential is.

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And here’s “why not”: believing in limits is limiting.
Your potential is great because a) you’re shorter, and b) you have small joints apparently, so whatever meat you add really pops around those small joints. And there are other reasons to lift besides pursuing upper arm diameter. But it’s up tyou you.

You need to a) immediately find a way to eat 3000 calories per day with as much meat as possible and b) train compound movements in a sustainable and linear fashion, such as 5/3/1 or numerous articles on this website; one of those without the other won’t get you far - both together is the key.

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Around 23 so a fully grown adult.

Wrist size, no idea?! What does it matter?


Okay wait no, I can do better.

Okay one more


If the calculator is correct and that is the max size you can attain, would you still train?

You can completely transform your physique, thats a fact. You can do it, its possible. Its going to take a long time and lots of hard work and consistancy. If you want to be more muscular then work towards that regardless of what a calculator predicts.

If you want training or diet advice then im happy to help.

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You appear to be a natural ectomorph meaning it is likely to be difficult to add either muscle or fat. The good part of that is the difficult to add fat part. I am an endomorph for comparison. I used a calculator on weightrainer over a decade ago to see my genetic potential. I didn’t not let it get in my head and I blew past the numbers the calculator provided. For you, I would focus on the fact that you will likely always have decent definition and you will never truly be bulking. You’ll need volume, frequency, quality nutrition, lots of protein, rest, repeat. If I had your body type I would focus on building an athletic MMA/Boxer physique.

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How much do you weigh? And how much do you curl (while actually feeling your biceps)?

My biceps were your size (but with a lot more fat) when I started. Due to my Elhers-Danlos (just google it), I had to start with 3lb dumbbell curls since they were very difficult at first. Just getting that lift to 45lbs while still being able to squeeze my biceps at the top got my biceps to the point where I at least get comments. Even getting my dumbbell curl to 20 - 25lbs for a few reps resulted in a lot of progress since I started so weak. Hell, even getting it to 15lbs for one to two reps resulted in noticeable progress :sweat_smile:

So that I’ll know if I’m doing something wrong after I stop noticing gains after a years of training, or if I just hit my genetic potential.

You will hit a number of plateaus in your quest for your best physique. Make some changes in your routine and adjustments in your diet, and fight through the plateaus.

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Perhaps some sort of log in which you document your training could be more effective?

Some might even call it a “Training Log” or something silly like that.

More importantly is that you actually get started and make progress. These forums have proved invaluable to me over the past year, and i wish i had started sooner. If you pursue this long enough, you’ll find yourself in the same boat.

For example, i can tell you right now that you aren’t eating enough. And i can tell you that without referencing some stupid calculator i found after googling “genetic potential”.


The next thing you should do is to throw that wrist size predictor in the garbage can. You need to get genetic potential thinking out of your mind.

How many people do you believe achieve their genetic potential? Close to no one.


That was a powerful picture @kd13!

Ladies and gentlemen, I defeated genetic possibility. Next up, mortality.



Child’s play. :rofl: :skull_and_crossbones:


You are at no risk of accidentally reaching your genetic potential.


Step 1: Read Brawn
Step 2: Read and implement everything in Super Squats
Step 3: Alternate Super Squats program and 5/3/1 or anything by John Meadows for 10 years

Edit: Step Zero: ignore online calculators.