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Wrist roller

Does anybody use them? I just used one for the first time this week, my forearms have never been so sore. Are they good for training forearms?

Hell yes they are good for training forearms. Do them standing on two benches or chairs to increase the length of the roll, and so you can do them with arms hanging down in front of you rather then straight out (as that might cause shoulders to give out first).

Does anybody know where to buy a good one at?
I bought one from a sporting goods store and I already don’t like it.


They’re REALLY easy and cheap to make. All you need is a peice of PVC pipe and a string. Drill a hole in the middle of the pipe and put the string through it and tie a knot. Just attach a plate at the end of the string and voila there you go.

Is the roller good for building size on the forearms?

You could make your own for a couple of dollars. Just get a round long piece of wood drill a small whole in it. Thread some thin 2 or 3 mm venetian blind cord through it. It would be free if you had the stuff like around your house and still very cheap if you had to buy the items seperately.

Compared with the relatively few muscles that perform flexion and extension of the wrist, relying on them alone for forearm development would be much more ineffective than the grip work you get from heavy deads and chins + ballistic grip work you get from cleans or snatches. Roll them all in and you’ll have get great forearms.

hellss ya there a great exercise. Me and my buddies use it after our arm workouts. We usually do them standing arms out in front. We are up to a 25lb plate and grind it out from all the way up and roll it all the way down then the other one goes and repeat until we cant even make a fist.

Could you say you have bigger forearms from doing them?

I would say yes. they have gotten bigger. The biggest thing though is the endurance they have now. I can hold a tighter grip on any workout without them givin out as fast.