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Wrist Roller Training

how exactly r u supposed to train with these? obviously reps wont work so would timed sets b the way to go? like see how fast u can roll up X weight then try to do it faster next time?

also, how does using these improve the grip? the only thing i feel when i use these r my forearms contracting

Are you kidding? obviously they work the grip well if your forearms are contracting. And reps do work, roll it up is 1, roll it up again is 2, etc…

And if it is too easy put some more weight on. What’s the deal?

I have a regular size roller and a 2.5 inch roller from PDA. I train with both. I mount them on one of the supports in my rack and I count 1 up and then down slowly as 1 rep. When I can do 3 reps with a weight without stopping, I up the weight by 5 lbs. I also throw on 40 lbs. added to the weight that finished me and do static holds and partial turns.

My thicker roller has deepdeep knurling which has made my hands bomb-proof for a new found GPP activity, sledge hammer training. That is an awesome wrist/grip workout. Look at torqueathletic.com