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Wrist reinujerd from Muay Thai


I train Muay Thai three to five times a week, and every couple months or so I injure my right wrist on a larger wind up strikes. It's typically from wider hooks or over hand rights. I can't eliminate the strike and it usually puts me out for a week or two depending on how bad the injury is. I always warm up, I always wrap my hands, and I always try to maintain a tight fist while striking. What can I do to strengthen my wrist to avoid this? The people I train with have been less then helpful with this(time to change schools, but not too many options here). I weight train two to three times per week and I typically focus on compound movements. Thanks in advance for the help.


Basic things like rice bucket work and squeezing drills can make a big difference in wrist strength and issues. Also, don't neglect working on radial and ulnar deviation, as well as supination and pronation of the wrist.


Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to get rice and start that today. As for the other suggestions what do you recommend in terms of exercises to train those functions? Again thanks for the advice.


I've started doing a lot more sledgehammer work and it's helped a ton with hand/wrist strength.


Push ups on your knuckles are a good wrist strengthener.