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wrist question


I know how some people believe that you can expand your rib cage by doing pull overs. Wether that is true or not is still in question it seems. However I have never heard of anyone coming up with a way to increase the diameter of one's wrist. Does anyone here believe this is possible to accomplish?


try smashing it with a sledge hammer! im sure that will widen it out for ya.


tried that dude. didn't work, but that a.r.t. really seems to being doing the trick now. hahaha


you can probably get some psycho plastic surgeon in hollywood to add a couple of inches for you.


What I want to know is why is my right wrist bigger than my left...


ACE try switching hands when jerkin' the gerkin!


I'm going to venture to say that this is NOT possible.


A masturbation joke was inevitable.