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Wrist Position for Arm Training?


I have never given the wrist position much thought when training arms, but the other day one of the trainers at my gym suggested that I should keep my wrists in line with my forearms when doing bicep curls. My natural position would be for my wrists to bend back (alowing me to lift more weight while keeping good form). When I tried it his way, I had to decrease the weight and felt it heavily in my forearms as well as biceps.

My question is this - is their a correct wrist position? or can one use different wrist positions depending on goals (IE: it seems that keeping a straight wrist would be great for forearm or grip development)?

What would be the suggested 'standard wrist position'?



Also, would one aim to keep a straight wrist position with tricep pushdowns too?



I tend to curl my wrists as I curl the weight. That's the opposite of letting them bend back, but that doesnt mean either is right or wrong.


I only consciously align my wrists with my forearms when doing pressing movements. Most people tend to naturally curl their wrists a bit when doing bicep curls, although knowledgable trainers will often suggest actually cocking them back slightly to reduce the forearm flexor involvement and focus more on the biceps.



Okay, thank you both for your input ^^

It was something that I never paid attention to, but I'm glad to hear that there is no 'correct way'



I agree with Stu, however i imagine that always cocking the wrists back (especially using heavy weight) could mess with your wrists. Also if you actually had to lower the weight when you kept your wrists straight then perhaps your forearms are weak in that position and you could benefit from getting stronger.
With triceps pushdowns with a rope attachment I think its pretty important to keep your wrists straight. The tendency is to flex your wrists at the end of the movement which really takes away from the peak contraction of the triceps in my opinion.