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Wrist Pain

I’m experiencing wrist pain today but the last time i worked out was wednesday, tuesday i did some bench and hit a new pr with 205 for 8 reps, i remember when i could only do it 4 to 5 times that i would experience pain in my wrist. wednesday i did one arm dumbell rows along with some deadlifts, what do you think is causing this wrist pain? it feels like the inside is ripping apart when i pick something up with this hand.

Thank you.

You need to be a lot more specific on where the pain is and how it feels before anyone can even guesse at what to do. Either way its better to go see a physio anyways.

Carp tunnel maybe? I get pains in my wrists aswell, expecially after lifting heavy. But then again ive always had trouble with my wrists sooo… Just give them a break they should feel better in a couple days. Maybe you could try using gloves or wrap to support your wrists more? For me it is more of a dull stiff feeling rather than actual pain, tho sometimes they ache. If you have to do things that require ur wrists, try your best to keep ur wrist Straight, give the tendons a rest.

Thanks for the replys, I’m going to have to use straps now that im going heavier.