Wrist pain

I’m pretty new to bodybuilding (2 yrs) yet I have constant pain around my wrists and sometimes it burns so much I have to put the weight down. It may be because I have very thin bones (a 6.5" wrist) but I always do stretching and never use weights I can’t handle. Anyone knows how to get rid of it ?

Try wrist wraps, I ordered some off the web and they help with heavy benches etc. Wrap them part way up on your hands and they help prevent the wrist from compressing or bending too much. Helped me.

Provided the pain is not caused by something you can do nothing about such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis then there are some things you can do to remedy the situation.
The first thing you’ll want to do is strengthen up your wrists…do wrist curls across a bench and behind your back as well as reverse wrist curls. Another thing I like to do is take a dumbell and rotate it along with your wrists back and forth until you feel a good burn. Lastly make sure you keep your wrist in a locked and neutral position when you’re training…especially when you’re training arms.

Baring any structural problems, perhaps you just need to build up the strength in your wrists. Look at the Great Guns article by Ian King in the previous issues section. He explains wrist flexions and extentions. Another good wrist exercise is to do the same type of exercises using the same handles you use for chest crossovers on the cable machine. Put the handle on a lat pulldown macine or cable crossover machine and curl them both up and down (pronated and supinated)one wrist at a time. It might help.

I have just started doing wrist and forearm exercises. And I don’t want to use wraps and straps of any kind b/c I’m already struggling to make my lift stable. Anyway, thanx for the advice.

Shades, I think you are confusing wrist wraps with knee wraps. Wrist wraps are merely protective in nature and do not allow you to lift dangerously heavier weights like knee wraps. Ian King himself recommends wrist wraps for ALL pressing movements, though he cautions against indiscriminate use of knee wraps.

i agree with avoids roids, that you should attempt to strenghten your forearms, but i would use poliquins routine in his article “can’t add size to your biceps, try using the forearm” he gives a workout that uses the forearm muscles in 4 planes of motion, and then 2 more for pronator teres and supinator.

Burning pain of this nature is often nerve related. Strengthening won’t necessarily help until whatever is impeding nerve function is resolved. I recommend seeing an ART therapist. It’ll cost you a couple of bucks, but it’s well worth it!

Okay then I may try wraps, but I don’t have access to ART here (I study in Switzerland). Is an orthopedist going to be of any help ?

Shades, unless you have a very progressive ortho, I doubt he’ll be able to treat a nerve impingement of this type.