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Wrist Pain


I am fairly new to lifting, and I am experiencing some wrist pain. When I catch the bar while doing a clean it causes some wrist irritation. This is only when I allow my wrist to flex towards the body which seems to be standard practice in most of the illustrations for the clean and jerk. Is this normal?

It is not a serious pain, and it only bothers me during the lift. Will repetition strengthen my wrist and improve flexibility to the point that it is no longer an issue? Or, am I going to give myself a dumb repetitive stress injury. I don't want to screw up my wrists because no wrists equals no lifting.


first time i did front squats it was the same deal. wasn't flexible enough. i asked somebody online and they said give it 2 weeks and you'll loosen up and never feel it again. and that's exactly what happened.


Pop quiz...put your hands in the old-school "prayer" position: fingers straight up, palms together, elbows pointed out to the sides.

If you can keep your entire hand (fingertips to wrist) touching, while your elbows are parallel to the floor, then you probably either have a technique issue, or you just have to adapt to the exercise. If your palms separate, as your raise your elbows , it's a general flexibility issue which can be fixed as such.

Hope that helped a tad.


Uh Mino.. Is that a painted Warhammer figurine? hehe


[geek mode] Islander, I just did a Google image search for Minotaur, and that was the best I could find. It's definitely some kind of pewter minature. I don't think it's a Warhammer though, since those are usually Power Armor-wearing soldiers with high-tech futuristic plasma rifles, aren't they? [/geek mode]


that's a great stretch. also try it behind your back.


Thank you all for your replies. I am doing stretches for my wrist and shoulders after lifting, and almost immediately there was an improvement.