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Wrist pain

My wrist hurts when I rotate it. Is it sprained?

It started when doing incline bench presses last week. I imagine the weight got out of the proper alignment by going too far forward and an irregularly high amount of stress was put on my wrist.

yes, you probably sprained it. Use ice for 15-20 minutes, off for an hour and repeat as often as you can for the first few days. Ice at least once a day after that. Always ice after your workout. And when lifting, for now, use a wrist wrap to keep your wrist from flexing until its healed. As a precaution wrap both wrists so you don’t injure something else due to the tightness of one wrist only. If you have a job that requires using your hand, I would wrap it until it heals, releasing the wrap several times during the day to ice or easily stretch it. These usually take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to heal, if you follow my suggestions.