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Wrist Pain

Hi All,

In the last few weeks, I’ve developed pain in my wrists, especially the left one. The pain is present only when pressure is placed on the thumb-side of the open plam for instance when doing a standard push-up, bb bench press or holding the focus mits for my sparring partner. The pain is not present if I change to knuckle push ups or stiking the heavy bag. It is focused on the thumb side of the wrist.

Any ideas on what’s going on and ‘rehabing’?

To accurately diagnose your problem, we would need much more information than what you have posted. But, sometimes the small ligaments between the carpal bones can become irritated/inflamed and it can lead to pain with wrist extension, especially when weight is also applied (i.e. pushups or letting the wrists extend during bench press). You could also have a problem with the scaphoid (small carpal bone at base of thumb). I would suggest you go see a qualified Manual Physical Therapist or certified hand therapist to get an accurate diagnosis.

I have had the exact same thing, and it only ended not long ago. I stopped doing pushups and barbell bench presses, along with military presses. I used dumbells on everything, as its easier to keep my wrist straight, and did only knuckle pushups. I also iced it alot, and tried not to aggravate it. The pain finally ceased a week ago.

When you are using the focus mitts, make sure that your hands are pushed further forward that your forearms (almost looking a little limp wristed). And make sure that you push slightly into each punch. Otherwise you will be absorbing each punch into the joints in your wrist.