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Wrist Pain

Within the past week I’ve developed some manner of unidentified pain on the underside of my wrist(pinky-side). I can’t seem to tell whether the pain is more in the bone or what I believe is a tendon right next to the bone. The pain only occurs upon contact; I can move my wrist and use it for lifting and my work just fine. The only exception to this is when I have cleaned windows with a squegee, however, this has always caused some discomfort/pain at first, so its not new and neccesarily related to this. It causes a bruise-like pain when touched, but shows no surface signs(discolouration or swelling).

The last few weeks at work(janitorial/maintenance) I’ve found myself having to do alot more sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming due to the mess caused by Maine’s winters, and the fact that my coworkers have a habit of being late/not showing up in the evenings. In addition to this, I’ve been taxing my grip alot more at the gym as well with a routine that focuses on overhead squats and farmers walks.

I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what this might be? Its not preventing lifting now, but I don’t wish it to in the future if left untreated, however, I don’t have access to a doctor readily available, so I’d rather not try to find one and pay for the visit out of pocket unless I have good reason to.

sounds like joint inflammation. happens to me at my elbows. it signals the onset of tendinitis atleast for myself. i’m not a doc so i can’t diagnose you. the tendinitis would not hinder my lifting but it would hurt. laters pk