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Wrist pain.

While doing preacher curls lately iv been getting pains in my right wrist that seem to run all the way down my bone (left side if my palms facing up). The pain runs about half way to my elbow, is this a result of a strength imbalance in my forearm that can be fixed or am I screwed?

It could be a lot of different things. Try adjusting your grip and see if that helps at all. I had a lot of forearm problems due to my carple tunnel problems. I would definately recommend at least one visit to an ART person - mine got me back to about 90% function, after having almost no use of either hand for many weeks.

dont do curls.

Man, this gets brought up at least once a month. I’d tell you to use the search engine…but…well nevermind.

You have forearm splints, they suck.

Go buy the following things:

  • 2 reusable ice packs, long and narrow
  • 2 ace bandages
  • lifting straps

If your forearms were bothering during your workout, then when you get home immediately use the ice packs and ace bandages.

Also, ditch the ez-curl preacher curling. Instead, do DB preacher hammer curls with the aid of the lifting straps.

Another tip, check your grip during your other lifts. Chances are you’re gripping unnecessarily hard during other lifts (i.e. pressing movements). This definitely contributes to developing forearm splints.

Does the pain occur on any other movement?

Your description of the pain sounds like some I had a couple of years ago. I actually developed it while working in a deli. I would grab chunks of meat with my left hand and rotate them with my arm somewhat extended. Not very bright, even if they weren’t very heavy.

Also, advice on forearm workouts by Goldberg in another thread:

“This is too easy. Just be sure to switch it up every day or you could develop a lack of symmetry with your dominant hand. Also if you sit on your nondominant hand until it falls asleep, it feels like somebody else is doing it. Hope this helps.”

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The pain only occurs while doing preacher curls with an EZ-curl bar, and yes I did use the search engine but I found nothing that indicated people getting the pain all the way down their forarm. I will try the Ice packs and see if it helps, Thanks.