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Wrist Pain

I am 21 years old and lifted pretty heavy in high school probably with poor form. After 2 years off I have been lifting consistently for about a year now. My problem is that I have chronic wrist pain(I see the jokes coming already), especially If I try to do wrist curls even with very little weight. Does anyone have any suggestions to combat this

You more than likely have developed tendonitis in your wrist. Other than complete rest, which nobody would do, ice it after working out. I P-Lift…tendonitis somewhere is the norm for me. Go to www.valleyvet.com. They have a product called Bigeloil which is used to reduce inflammation in the joints of race horses. I have used it for over a year now and have found it to be the absolute best for getting rid of tendonitis.

I have similar problem with curls and wrist hurtness… also had a problem with wrists and benching and still have problem with wrists and close pull ups (or which ever ones are those where your palms face you) anywho… if I do curls with anything over 35pounds a hand then it hurts… I’ve stopped doing curls and begain doing hammer curls, no hurt pain there and works the forearms too. Also the ez curl bar is aight for the wrists no pain there… dunno if you work with a computer or not but I do… keep in mind how your wrist is positioned, does it feel awkward? tired? that might contribute to the problem.

Buy some Wobenzym from netrition and take it. It takes a while to work 2-4 weeks( for me at least) but it cured some tendonitious in my left tricep and a case of shin splints from running. I just took the recommended dosage, except for three days of where I doubled it.
Check out the other threads on it.

TIZ, do you do a lot of barbell curls with an olymipic bar? I had a lot of wrist pain after, and I got some advice to foregoe barbell curls and do Scott, Preacher, curls and use dumbells instead of the bar. Also, if you do Tri extensions, presses, etc. watch how close you have your hands together. Charles Poliquin recommends using like a 14" grip for tricep bench presses.

I had the same problem about 10 years ago. I couldn’t hold an aluminum cake pan, it hurt so bad! I was pinching my wrists (from the angle created from grabbing the bar with “thumb around” grip) when I was doing all presses. I switched to using dumbells until it cleared up, now I use a “thumb under” or false grip when doing pressing movements. I have not had a recurrence.

I had problems with my wrist for about a year before I finally got it checked out. It was a sharp pain in one of the soft spots in the back of my wrist. I couldn’t bend it back. I think I hurt it in wrestling. Anyway, if this sounds like your injury, make sure you see a GOOD doctor. I had a cast for a month and an MRI (very expensive), neither of which did any good. I then went to a good doctor who gave me a Cortisone shot in the wrist, which cleared it up nicely after a few days. I had to wear a brace on it during that time. He said it was a cyst.