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Wrist Pain


About a year ago I started getting pain in my wrist. I've attached a picture and the pain is in the area indicated. I have seen a doctor and they didn;t really say what it was but x-rayed it and said nothing was broken, they also said the tendon seemed a bit tight at the area.

It was caused by me repeatedly hitting a stiff lock with that part of my hand but now is ok unless I use my grip/wrist, especially during repetative motions like high-rep wrist curls or using screwdrivers a lot at work.

Can anyone recommend anything I can do to help? I've rested it a lot and it doesn't seem to go away.



Hey I’m going through pain in that area on both of my wrists right now. Now, mine was not from hitting it on anything, more so it just came about gradually and has been a chronic condition for years.

I believe the issue is due to really tight wrist flexor muscles/ supinator muscle. Do you get pain when you turn your palm up?

Basically what has been helping me is to use a massage tool called The Stick ( http://www.amazon.com/Power-Systems-430-Original-Stick/dp/B000P7RSL2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1280686095&sr=8-2 ) all up and down my wrist flexor and supinator muscle (up near the elbow joint, on the under side of the forearm). I concentrate on areas that feel to be the most sensitive / trigger points. After this I do some stretching of those muscles by facing my palm up with arm extended and pulling my fingers downward. You’ll definitely feel the stretch.

I do this before my workouts and after, and then throughout the day. It’s really helped a lot.


I’ve been dealing with chronic wrist pain for years…it came on slow. I think mine comes from the fact that I discovered that I can pop my wrists as a kid…which I just thought was cool as shit, because people cringed when I did it. It sounds kinda like popping your knuckles.

So I think basically I suffer from symptoms similar to that of repetitive stress syndrome…that I brought on myself through popping my wrists for years.

It’s gotten worse over the past few years as I got more into weight lifting and started lifting progressively heavier weight.

I’ve been thinking some sort of myofascial release might help, and I found this clip…


I’ve been having the same pain the OP described for a couple months. The second post was also spot-on. I went to the doctor (who’s a bodybuilder) and he said I’ve gotten tendonitis from curls (which is where I first experienced the pain). He gave me an anti-inflammatory script and told me to stop all curling until it gets better. Could be a week, could be up to a month or more. He also said to stop doing any straight-bar curls, ever. (I’ve not done them for 2 months anyway) And after it is healed, to do individual wrist curls to strengthen the area.

Naproxen 500mg is the script he gave me. I’m only on day 2 of treatment, I’ll let you all know how it goes.


I’ve finished the bottle of Naproxen and my wrists have lost the pain in the specified range of motion. The left wrist feels a little tight still and I don’t really want to load it with weights so I’ll probably not be doing curls for another two weeks. But it seems to be healing up fine.