Wrist Pain

I’ve had some mild wrist pain over the past month or so, whenever I do curls or a clean a barbell to do a shoulder press. I even sometimes get pain while doing the bench although not so much. I feel like my wrist is getting weaker and weaker. I’ve taken various times off like a couple days in a row and even up to a week. But everytime I go back to lift, I can feel the pain on the outerside of my wrist. If I shake my hand out, I can feel a bit of pain there as well. Anyone know what’s up?


carpal tunnel? Muscular weakness? I dunno. Perhaps you should see a qualified medical practitioner for this kind of thing.

Alternatively, find the ‘Trainers Talking Shop’ thread in the GAL. Then PM one of the many intelligent posters there who are personal trainers what they would have you do. That’s likely to be the best, cheapest advice you can get, if you can get it from them.

If that fails, get a doctor.

“If it hurts don’t do it”. There are plenty of variations that change the wrist position so I would look for alternative exercises that don’t cause the pain
i) do your shoulder press from a rack or do db press with neutral grip
ii) ez bar or hammer curls
iii) suicide grip bench
iv) neutral grip chins

Once you are without pain you could consider going back to the other variations. Perhaps examine form (video) on some of your lifts. A strength imbalance or something dicey clean could be putting more stress on one of your wrists.

See a doctor.

It sounds like i know exactly what your going through… when i first started lifting i used to have weak wrists that actually held me back in progress. You cant go wrong seeing a doc to make sure its nothing more serious but i would recommend just working at it slowly. Do what you can then find other exercises to help out.

I also found that taping my wrists helped when it was especially painful. After several months of slowly building it up i havent had a problem since and its been about 2 years!

Alot of times you will have problems at the shoulder that will make it impossible for you to press weight it the correct plane, thus the wrist pain. Infraspinatus soft tissue work, sleeper stretch and external rotations.