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Wrist Pain with Snatches

When catching the bar at the top I sometimes get sharp pains in my wrist. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on how to fix it or minimize it?

Get some neoprene wrist supports, or leather ones like the Chinese wear. Stretching. Get a Power Ball.

If you’re using a cheap barbell with sleeves that don’t rotate well, that’ll tear up your wrists.

Are you using the hook grip? It’s uncomfortable for deadlifts and shrugs but I find it more comfortable on Olympic lifts than using straps.

Buying wrist wraps is pretty much always a good idea and never a bad idea.

Where is the pain in your wrist?

I had some wrist pain last year when I was overhead squatting. Take a look at this thread:

Move your wrists in closer. The further your grip is apart the more your wrists are angled.

Move your wrists in and it should help ease the pain. Eventually as you get use to it you can make your grip wider.

The PowerBall will help your wrist also.