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Wrist Pain While Squating


As the title says, I'm a vag on squats, I can't keep my arms in tight unless I wear wrist wraps. Without them, it hurts and I go out to the edge of the barbell, losing upperback tightness. Is this something I can fix pretty easy, some sort of wrist positioning or flexibility issue. I'm fine with wraps, just feel like I should work on why it hurts.



I'm not an expert so take my questons with a grain of salt. How much is your max and how heavy is the weight when your wrists start to hurt? If your max is 300+ and 135 hurts your wrists without wraps then something is wrong imo. My max squat is 380-390 and my wrists start to ache without wraps around 340+. I'm a low bar squatter as well, it sounds like you are too, but I don't know. Honestly, I'm probably not experienced enough to help, since I started powerlifting last July, but answering these questions should help once someone with more wisdom comes along and doesn't have to ask them anyway.


One more thing I just thought of. My coach uses a false grip when squatting, but he does high bar. I tried it once with moderately heavy weight and it hurt both my wrist and shoulders so I don't know if that was just me or the grip. How do you grip the bar?


My max is in the area of 550, and the pain start at 405 about, but above 500, I just wrap, isn't worth the chance of missing the lift because of my wrists. I squat pretty low bar


False grip got rid of wrist and shoulder pain for me while squatting. It allows to me drive my elbows down and under the bar better too.

Of course wrist flexibility and mobility will help too. How are your shoulders? Do they have a history or ever bother you?


I used the stuff myself and it works.


Just wear the wraps dude. Short of growing thicker wrists, there's no quick fix for this. That's why you see guys that are big and strong as hell wearing them while squatting, pressing, benching, etc. Even some deadlifting but that is not for the same reason.


I'm gonna echo everyone and say try a false grip- but youre way stronger than me so.... keep using wraps?


If it's getting worse I'd try to fix the problem. If it only happens on heavy stuff and doesn't get worst, I don't see any reason not to use them.


Before diving into false grip squatting check whatever fed you compete in to see if it's legal. I compete in the IPF and you CANNOT use a false grip. No point practicing if you can"t play that way.


Great point. Play with your hand position on the bar. I see alot of guys squatting with a real wide grip on the barbell but that doesn't work for me at all, it feels like shit is going to break. My typical grip is ring finger on the rings and any wider I start having wrist, elbow and shoulder breakdown.


What's the rationale behind not allowing a false grip while squatting?


Guess I'll just be usin' the wraps. Just is a pain in the ass sometimes to have to wrap my wrists to squat...I'm a lazy guy, and this requires movement, lol


That is interesting, because USAPL, which follows IPF regulations (for the most part), and they allow false grip during the squat.

Regardless, my roommate also gets wrist pain and he switched to false grip during squats. It seems to have helped him, otherwise maybe just keep wearing the wraps since you do well with them.


Dave Tate posted something the other day that could be applied. It's more about elbow and shoulder pain during squats but a lot of that transfers through the wrists, either way worth watching the short video.



ive always used false grip when squatting. i find it easier driving the bar deeper into my traps and tightening my back because of it. problem im having while squatting is the pain i feel on my elbows. that one really sucks big time


This is what I found, granted my max is not anywhere near yours


Try holding the bar normally but with just the first 3 fingers. The Pinky-less grip fixed my small wrist issue. The wrist angle this way is more natural for me.


Yeah, I believe the rule is all five fingers have to be in contact with the bar - nothing about wrapping the thumb. False grip is only expressly prohibited in bench.

I put my wraps on at 135, with a 408 max. I am pretty low-bar, and relatively small wrists, so I am just concerned with doing things to prevent pain.