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Wrist Pain While Doing Push-ups

Started Waterbury’s RFFL program last night. Kicked my ass, but loved it. Only problem besides almost puking was when I did the pushups with feet elevated, experienced severe pain in my wrists when doing them flathanded. Was bad enough, I did the other 4 sets as knuckle pushups, but still had some pain. Wrists are still a litle sore this morning.
I haven’t done pushups in a few years, but have never had problems with wrist pain. I also grip train and can lever a 10 lb sledge, no pain at all in my wrists.

Any thoughts? Stay with the knuckle puhsups? Could it be a flexibility issue in the wrists?

I can’t even do regular pushups on my palms on account of a flexibility issue due to having broken both of them in the past. Why not just buy some pushup handles, or do them on your knuckles?

yeah, thats what I’m thinking will be the solution, knuckles or use hex dumbells as pushup handles.

Guess its part of getting old, things hurt now that didn’t five years ago.

You might want to check out Eric Cressey’s article on healthy wrists. Should have some good info on rehab in it. Good luck

I’ve had the same problem. Saw an orthopedist and he told me pushups were the worse thing for the wrists. I do them on my knuckles and it reduces the pain drastically.

the guy that basicly replaced my wrist,told me tha the was an army doc and he has seen alot of fractures from people doing push ups in boot camp.

and my fracture was either from push ups or falling and catching myself.
he suggested what I will suggest right now.
doung them on knuckles but be sure you have good form and keep them straight.

get a couple hex dumbells use them as handles
the great part about doing this is you can then lift one arm up after and do a row.
like you go down,up lift left dumbell
down,up lift right dumbell

I cant do this yet but I have seen people do it and its good

I do push ups using dumbells and I will also do it with one dumbell and switch out to give me a little different range of motion and make it a bit harder.

or you could slowly break yourself back into it

do 5 pushups a day, and increase a few more a day until you are able to put them into your workout without pain.

good luck man! pain is weakness leaving the body.

Appreciate all the advice. Going to stick with knuckles and hex handles

[quote]B rocK wrote:

good luck man! pain is weakness leaving the body.[/quote]

normally I’d agree…unless the pain is caused by the brunette under you raking her nails down your back…then something else is leaving the body…