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Wrist Pain When Doing Push Presses

I just started doing push presses a few days ago and it hurts my wrists a bit--they bend back to a 90-degree angle vs. forearms.  Should I just deal with this and hope the pain goes away?  Used to get this from benching but changed to "fist" grip -- as opposed to thumbs-under.  Not sure if I can modify my push press grip similarly--tried to but when lowering the weight to my chest it's difficult to keep forearms and hands in a straight line.


Dunno anything about causes or rehab of this, but I get this pain in both wrists on my overhead squats and snatch grip push-presses BTN, and in my left wrist on push-presses, and I have found that wrapping the wrist in 3-5 layers of athletic tape more or less eliminates the pain. Again, I don't know if this is the wise thing to do in thre long run.


I often get wrist pain as well..I have to lower my weights or if not do less reps.
Not sure if its arthritis or just weak bones in my wrist.
My friend said to try wrapping my wrist before a work out....maybe that would help you.


You answered your own question. The fist grip is what you need. The wrist bent like that under load is under a shitload of stress. Not a good idea.


I used to get wrist pain a lot, especially on the bench press. I added forearm curls and though they did nothing for my forearms they helped my wrists quite a bit. Now my wrists don't bother me at all.


  1. Did you warm-up the wrists and forearms? Probably not.

  2. Did you stretch them after your last workout? Probably not.

  3. Get your elbows higher and the weight will rest more on the shoulders.

  4. Maybe take a slightly wider grip (just outside the deltoids).

Give some of that shit a try. Good lifting.



wrist wraps


three words glusosamine, condroitin, msm! they help me out constantly. when i blew out my shoulder i htought i would never get to work out again. but now its all healed up. it never even bothers me.