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Wrist Pain, RSI?

I have slight pain in my wrist with a small amount of swelling but cant remember banging it or anything that would be an acute cause. The doc said it was Repetitive Strain Injury and said I must stop lifting until it clears up. She seemed to come to this conclusion very quickly and without really examining my arm at all.

At the moment it is quite sore and there is an odd feeling when I move it ( particularly when I extend my fingers ) it sort of feels like the tendons in my wrist are sticking and catching somehow. It even makes an audible squeaking noise when I move it LOL.

Does this sound like RSI to any of you guys? How do I get rid of it and how long does something like this interfere with your training I am pissed off not training right now.
Also let it be known that I have had to cut back drastically on my visits to Sex And The Male Animal which I confess bugs me more than missing training.