Wrist pain question.

Banged up my wrist last week during a sparring class and am wondering if anyone has an idea of what I’ve done to it. No, I haven’t gone to my doctor yet, he’s an hour away and work this week is not going to allow for three or four hours off. So, heres the problem.

Hurt it last Wed. night, took off my gloves and noticed a slight twing in my right wrist below my thumb, where your wrist and forearm would meet. An hour later the pain was in my entire palm, and I had trouble using my thumb. Next moring was just as bad. Wrappped it all day Thurs. and it did seem to improve. On Thurs. could not put any rotational pressure on my wrist or thumb without some searing pain. Turning a doorknob was to much force as was turning my car keys in the ignition.

After taking it easy this weekend, the main has mostly gone away and is localized on the inside of my wrist right below my thumb. Any twisting or torquing action on my hand causes the pain to shoot. I can pick things up no problem, a deadlifting - farmers walk hold, etc. and it hasn’t affected my crushing grip. Banged out ten reps on a #1 COC no problem, no pain at all. Can do knucke push ups and hit a heavt=y bag with no pain. But picking up and trying to pour a full gallon of milk about killed me. I’ve had no bruising, no swelling, no obvious normal signs of an injury, just a shit-load of pain thats getting annoying. Ibuprofen is helping quite a bit, but doesn’t keep it from twinging if I move it wrong

So if anyone has any ideas besides the obvious of “go see your doctor dumbass”, I’d appreciate them.

Dan Reeves, I never played so don’t ask.

Perhaps a scaphoid fracture?

Is the thumb attached on your gloves or does it move freely?

Hate to say, but go to your doctor. Wishing something don’t make it happen. You probably need an xray on the area. If no fracture, ART would be helpfull for the area.

Thumbs on the glove are attached I guess you could say. Biggest problem I have is I’m still not sure what I did to injure myself. Can’t remember getting kicked in or blocking hard with that hand. At no time can I remember feeling any pain while sparring, just after it was all done and I sat down to take off my gear.

I thought it might be a fracture, but I’ve broken several other bones in my hands over the years and this doesn’t “feel” like a break, not that same kind of pain, if that makes sense. Also there was no bruising or swelling as usually comes with a broken bone.

Its still sore this morning, brushing my teeth brought on some pain. Wife has said if I’m still hurting on Friday, shes dragging me to get it checked, so we’ll see what happens.

Dan Reeves

If you’ve got what feels like an under-the-skin bruise, i forget what it’s called, but i fucked up two of my fingers this way. Anyway, the pain will take at least 4-6 weeks to go away. If nothing feels broken/dislocated that’s probably what it is.

I agree with emckee-you may have broke your scaphoid. Just over four years ago (April 1999) I injured mine with an jarring of my open hand; and while my break occurred from a single incident, I have two friends that broke their scaphoids during football seasons but did not realize it until weeks later in one case and the spring for the other. Get x-rays as soon as possible, but one warning: if the break is a scaphoid, then it may not show on x-rays for approximately another month.

I hope your injury is not a scaphoid break since I lost ten months of lifting my upper body (a full year before I regained prior intensity) and I am finally able to dip, barbell press (bench, military, etc.,) and clean within the last month. Every scaphoid case is highly individual though (a prior thread exists regarding this scaphoid breaks.)

Anyway, you may have nothting like a scaphoid break but the pain at the base of the thumb and the activities that cause you pain are similar to what I experienced. In addition, can you apply pressure to the base of your palm? I also experienced problems with such. Well, good luck and I hope it is just a wrist sprain, bruise, etc. Keep us informed.

-Michael Schroeder

I’ve broken both of my scaphoids before and I was able to function to a reasonable degree even still. One I broke while getting ready for hockey (don’t ask) and I still managed to play an entire pickup with tolerable pain. Scaphoid injuries are some of the most common of all wrist injuries and they unfortunately need to be checked and generally immobilized. Damage to blood vessels and nerves can result from broken wrist bones left unattended. Given that you don’t know off the bat whether it is broken or just sprained, it is best to have it checked in case you have a real problem. If it has been more than a couple days and the pain still persists, you should really consider taking it in.