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Wrist Pain on Release

When doing bicep curls, my wrists feel like hell when I put the bar down; the pain feels almost delayed till about a second or two afterward.

The last 4 weeks I have been working forearm, grip reasonably hard while laying of curls, still hasnt gotten much better. I have somewhat thin wrists.

There is probably a thread dealing with this on this forum, but after looking through first 7 hits on “wrist+pain” and a few on some other search terms I could not match my case with any I read about.

Please don’t tell me I gotta quit working out for 3-4 weeks.

By saying “the bar” I’m assuming you are using a barbell. Try using dumbells. I can not curl with a straight bar without all kinks of pain, and I use an ez curl bar sparingly. Now keep in mind, I do not have great biceps, but that’s also not one of my goals. So as I said, 90% of my bicep work is done with dumbells.

I forgot to add, you also may want to protect your wrists on your other lifts, particularly pressing movements. By using wrist wraps when doing benching and overhead pressing, it may help with the added strain when curling.

I have the same problem on straight bar curls. EZ bar and dumbbell are not a problem.

This may be a long shot as I don’t know much about you, but I used to have this problem too. The main thing that helped me was fixing my posture actually.

When my upper back was weaker and my shoulders rounded a lot, I had this problem because the traps werent able to support the arm load, and something in the chain will break down. The leverage of the move caused it to be the wrist in my case.

I started doing 2:1 ratio of rows to bench for a few months til my upper back was up to par (well, for me anyway, lol), and never have the problem anymore. Hope that helps.


There are very, very few people who can use the straight bar for curls, underhand rowing, etc. without pain.

Human wrists simply don’t like being in that position with any sort of load.

Stick to dumbbells or the ex-curl bar. There is no benefit to the straight bar over the ez-curl.