Wrist Pain, Need Help

I think i hurt my wrist while training my forearms . Its the right hand . It Hurts when i lift , especially during biceps exercise , when the wrist has to hold its erected postion without bending . Any idea about it and any exercise to cure it ?

Does the pain increase when you flex at the wrist or extend? Did you jam it recently or was it only the forearm training that could have done it? Which type of exercises did you do for your forearms? Does it only hurt at the wrist joint or does it radiate down your forearm/ into your hand? Help me help you.

The pain is just at the wrist junction . i use wrist curls for training forearms , probably i lifted a lttle more weight than i should have , and now it hurts while rotating against resistance . For example , it does not hurt when i do deadlifts , it hurts when i do bicep curls , or try to pick up my laptop using my right hand , got it now ?

[quote]Ajwad wrote:
I think i hurt my wrist while training my forearms . Its the right hand . It Hurts when i lift , especially during biceps exercise , when the wrist has to hold its erected postion without bending . Any idea about it and any exercise to cure it ? [/quote]

Which specific bicep exercises? The way you hold the weight can make a big impact (straight barbell vs. DB hammer curls vs. ez curl bar, for example).

Hmm thats tricky, do you have any clicking when you rotate? Since it doesn’t hurt when gripping during something like a deadlift I’m going to rule out and flexor damage. Could be one of the extensors, does it hurt to extend against resistance?

Almost every bicep exercise . The point is , when wrist is hanging or pulled straight down like in deadlift or suitcase carriers , its okay . But when it has to mantain its erect position in any other direction except straightly downward , it starts to hurt a bit . In a concentration curl for example , wrist has to remain intact and in a straight line with the forearm , so when i do the curl , wrist hurts . If you get the situation , then kindly help , if not , no need to worry , let me know , i shall post a couple of pics . . .
Thanking You . . . . Ajwad Sharaheel

Yes , i always had a little clicking during rotation . And yes , it hurts against resistance, like forearm curls , bicepcurls and almost all othe such resistance exercises .

Stop doing everything that hurts. While not manifesting in my wrist, I have a somewhat similar injury in my left forearm that is (slowly) healing. I’d drop ALL curling and anything else that puts too much weight directly on your wrists and forearms. Also, I’d recommend a good cream to help with the pain and probably the inflammation that is there. I use Penetrex, but there are others too. Sounds like a tendon issue and honestly, ditch the exercises that cause you pain at least for the next 2-4 weeks and reevaluate.

Thank You Sir . I shall quit all bicep and forearm exercises for now . But Can I continue doing deadlifts and Overhead presses as they do not seem to be causing much trouble ? Also , can you specify which cream should i ask for at my medical store ? I mean muscle heal cream ? what should i tell the shopkeeper ? Dont mind , most people dont speak English here :stuck_out_tongue: . . .
Appreciate Your Help . . . . Ajwad Sharaheel

You can keep those if they don’t cause you pain. While not the exact same injury, I have kept those. Basically as long as your wrist isn’t bending (like upright rows) or forearms aren’t supporting a load (certain face pull variations, curls, etc) then you should be fine.

As for what cream specifically, hard to tell what is available to you. I use Penetrex, but that may not be available. You’re primarily looking for something topical that reduces inflammation.

Okay . Thank You .

What exactly is my problem ? Is it some swelling ? Or a muscle tear ? or dislocation ? As far as clicking sound is concerned , its also in one of my shoulder and a knee . But it has not caused any trouble yet , just the clicking sound . Although i want to be sure what my wrist damage is about ?

There’s a lot going on inside your wrist, a lot of little bones, tendons, nerves etc. I’ve jammed mine playing football so many times I’ve got a clicking that will likely never go away. My guess in your case would be you’ve damaged an extensor muscle, its become inflamed which means there’s less space in the wrist joint for all the tendons, nerves etc. to pass through. When you do those certain exercises it causes it to become further inflamed, puts pressure on the nerve and boom , pain. Take some time off the exercises that cause it to hurt and see if after a few weeks you’re able to do them pain free. If not take additional time off and keep testing every few weeks. If after a month or two it still is causing a great deal of pain maybe go get it looked at.

Well , I am definitely going to reduce wrist usage , and thanks alot for clearing my head about my problem . As far as the pain is concerned , its just a little , and is totally bearable , but i shall still take a few weeks off from training forearms . . . Although I trained them everyday , I will miss their burn ;_;