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Wrist Pain From Curls

so ive been having some slight wrist pain lately from barbell curls / other curl variations, im really gonna pay attention to having my wrists tilted slightly upwards while i do bb or preacher curls now
i dont wanna get tendonitis and put my training on hold
what should i do?

hammer curls?

I find if I do any barbell curls it kills my wrist as well. I’ve never really had a problem with dumbells or preachers though. Maybe if you lay off the BB curls for a bit, allow your wrists to heal, then just stick to the other variations, it may feel better.

Use an E-Z curl bar. Its that zig-zaged one for you curls. It is much more comfortable on the wrists.

keep ur wrists in line with ur forearm, dont let them bend, do wrist curls to strengthen them, reverse curls, if u still have pain, try wrist wraps, u could be using to much weight for ur structure to handle for now

It hurts when you do curls.

Maybe you shouldn’t do curls.

colonel dont be a dick, this is the beginners forum meant for noobs, not for u to bash ppl it for suggestions cunt