Wrist Pain During Exercise, Rehab?

I get pain in my left wrist when I clean grip front squat, do dips, or do lean away DB lateral raises. It seems as if my wrist pain is getting worse as now on exercises I use to never feel wrist pain doing i.e. bench press now I have begun feeling slight pain. The pain all started with dips so I avoided doing that exercise but I continued (foolishly) to fight the pain on lateral raises.

I can use straps during lateral raises and I can wear a wrist wrap and feel no pain from front squatting or bench pressing but is there any rehab protocols that I can try to get my wrist functioning normal again?

To give a little more insight on the injury, it doesn’t hurt when doing curls even with a straight bar and seems to be in the most pain when the back of the hand is pushed towards the forearm. So for example pushups definitely cause wrist pain.

For pushups you might use a neutral grip approach by doing them on your knuckles on some carpet or i use 2 7 pounds dumbells on hardflooring(hexagonal to keep them from rolling).