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Wrist Pain During Bench


Sometimes when I move up in weight any amount over 5 pounds my wrist feel like they are gonna snap but i keep going and they stay soar as hell for like a week! any ideas how i could change this!!! I can lift the weight but my wrist stop me!


Have you tried wrist wraps?


I've a similar problem and found that once i worked on my forearm strength especially my anterior that my wrists would rarely get sore.


I get similar pain when my wrist are under pressure in the extended position. I saw a Dr. and he told me it was a ganglion cyst, so other than surgery (or not doing anything, which isn't an option) the only thing you can do is tape or wrap.

I've had to modify how I lift: I can't put any pressure on my wrist, so I use DBs instead of barbells for bench, pushups on the knuckles instead of palms, and I can't do cleans or front squats correctly so I do snatch and OH squats.

If your wrist is sore for long periods of time, your range of motion is limited and it hurts to press on the back of your had, where the tendons cross the wrist bones, you may have a ganglion cyst. Get it checked by a Dr. to be sure, but like someone suggested, use wraps or tape to prevent extension.

Good luck



I've found that once you start putting up some good weight, like 300 plus or so depending on your size and strength, wrapping the wrists is almost a necessity. I think you might also find a jump in your max if you wrap them...


Thanx Guys I will try the wraps to see how that works before i go to the doctor!!!


You may be resting the bar on the palms of your hand too much. Make sure your wrists are straight and in line with your forearm.

When I bench over 300 my wrists don't seem to hurt all.

Grip work and carryover-work from deadlifts will help bring your forearms up to par.



Excellent post Nate.

"Stack the bones."

This means don't let your wrists flop back.

Dan "Floppy wrists?!" McVicker


Just be carefull not to overdo it and drop the bar on your chest. It has happened. :-/