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Wrist Pain After Deadlifting


Hey guys, I deadlifted yesterday and all day today I have been having pain along the pinky side of my hand and along my wrist. You guys have any recomendations on how to prevent it from happening, preferably solutions that dont involve wrist straps.

If you think it's an issue with form, let me know... I'll try to post a video up.


I have that same pain.... started after my foot slipped while benching and me and the weight leaned to the left..... ( 733 on my 3rd attempt)

either way. Now I still get that same pain when I pull.

Ice the hell out of your forearm, and use a wrist wrap to wrap your forearm when you pull. Those have helped me.


same as barzeen, I hurt my wrist on a botched squat (dont ask). It now gets irritated from deadlifting with a mixed grip.(Though ever improving over time) Ice it, try not to do other exercises that really aggravate it. train around the injury.


Why ice up the forearm? Shouldnt you ice up the wrist, or does icing the forearm relieve the pain better? Im asking as im searching for answers to help with my wrist pain that i've had for the past 3 weeks. I think i've aggrevated the tendons in my wrist from doing heavy deads using straps. The pain can be unbearable - with a kind of clunking action when i rotate it. Now doing any kind of lifting is difficult as presses, curls and pulls all feel weak. It feels like a repetitive strain injury (.....cue the masturbation jokes!...)


This is a very old thread.

Most of the muscles that control your hand are in your forearm, not in your hand. The tendons pass through your wrist. (Put your right hand around your left forearm and feel the muscle move as you move the fingers of your left hand.) If the issue is muscular, icing along the muscle and tendon can help.

There are also a number of small bones at the junction of your hand and wrist; the carpals. It's possible for these to get out of alignment with each other, moreso given that the deadlift basically pulls your joints apart.

If your issue is because a bone is out of alignment or you damaged one of those bones, icing won't do much for it. Either let it heal and/or get things looked at by a professional.

In both cases, you're going to have to judge whether what you're doing is making things worse, whether you can live with it, and how much time you're willing to let it heal. Rest time, while it may heal things, may not actually "fix" whatever underlying issue caused the problem in the first place.