Wrist Issue

Any solution to my wrist problem would be awesome. I somehow hurt my wrist last week and wrapped it up in some stuff i bought from CVS and i took advil for 5 days and it seemed to be 100% better then when i went to the gym i could do my normal workout but when i got to Hammer Curls my left wrist just hurt so much i couldnt do any. it seems as though the pain has traveled to the middle of my hand (the top part of my hand).

I can still do preacher curls but i hammers are DEFINITELY a no go and im afraid its going to affect my performance in other exercises. Im going to to take a week off from working out which pisses me off because i feel as though my strength is going down. Since its winter break i havent been working out at all and i am scared my strength is going to go down the shit hole and im going to lose mass. i just want my wrist to get better so i can finally start WS4SB III.

[quote]jck524 wrote:
I somehow hurt my wrist last week [/quote]

‘Somehow’ hurt your wrist…theres a joke here to be made.

Could you have sprained it??

theres soo many wee bones in the wrist/hand that are very easy to bruse or break, i hurt my wrist wile sparing 3months ago and it still tingles from time to time. i just keep it wraped when training it helped loads.