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Wrist Injury

English is my second language just to avoide some of the complements.

I’ve been doing weight lifting since two years and doing mma for one year now and a week and a half I tried my brother’s skate board that I didn’t know shit about so I fell on my left wrist and it still hurts.

I can’t lift weighst with straight bar or do push ups, the doctor said that it’s not broken or any thing just put some cold water on it.

shit I really don’t know what to fucking do it’s been more than 1 week now and I don’t feel any pain, it’s only if I lift some weight with a straight bar or did some push ups or some of the other stuff that requires some work from my wrist.

I’m just afraid that it is 1 of the injuries that will last a long time it’s something with the bone maybe or something and even when I wrap it up or wear some tight gloves I still get the same pain.

Same thing happened to me, though I hurt it while playing basketball.

I couldn’t do pushups, push presses for about a week, and the bench press was giving me trouble. I took about a week break, iced it/cold water, and to do pushups I used my fists not my hands.

After a week or so it was better. Just give it some time, and the more you lift with it, the longer it’ll take to get better.

i was in similar situation, tho i could do bench press with lighter weight, keeping the wrist straight (like doing pushups on your fists)

i’d say don’t do anything that hurts, or has the potential to hurt if it slipped or something.

I had a similar fall a couple years ago but did break my wrist. Recovery was somewhat slow but within a few weeks of having my cast off I was able to do a few dips (at BW of 250 or so). Just do what you can and most importantly, get you some wrist wraps. They will help immensley.

I can do benche’s now and even dips but I can’t do stright bar for bicep’s or any other stright bars that contain work on my arm.

I’ll try to put some cold water and stuff thanx.

Can’t realy tell from an internet post.

I hurt mine realy bad once, and one day while lifting a heavy log, it popped realy loud, and has felt fine ever since.

See if yours does the same.

I’m trying to lapugh

I hurt my wrist doing curls. I have had great luck with a cheap wrist brace that I bought at sports authority for about $7. Wore it for awhile and wrist is almost back to 100%.