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Wrist Injury

Got a question about an injured wrist, it seems like I can’t go three weeks without something getting injured. Anyway, a few weeks ago I did a kind of modified EDT for a week, four workouts, but with compound movements, push press, power clean, overhead squat, and some others. Ever since then my wrists have been screwed up. My left wrist is better and feels completely healed, but I still can’t rack a bar on my shoulders without feeling a lot of pain in my right wrist and hand, opposite the palm, in the wrist/lower hand area. I can touch the back of my left hand to my shoulder, but can’t do the same with my right. I can’t do pushups, front squats, overhead squats, overhead pressing, any sorts of cleans, and can’t push a door open without there being a very painful pressure; it feels as though my hand’s going to break apart. Basically, as soon as the hand moves backwards and reaches a point where it’s nearly perpendicular to the arm, pain sets in. I’m still able to deadlift and do pulls and Z squats, but that’s going to get boring pretty quickly. This was probably just due to overuse, doing too many reps when my body wasn’t used to it, but it’s been almost two weeks and hasn’t healed. I was wondering if any of you had experienced anything like this before or could give me any advice as to what to do. My left wrist and thumb had been injured too, but they healed in the last few days. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yeesh, this has never happened to me, or anyone that I know in the iron game. For this reason, I suspect it’s rather important. I’d say see a doctor, but maybe others know what’s up. As well, you really should hire someone to look at your form, because there’s got to be something that’s off.

I feel your pain. I play men’s lacrosse, and betwen that and lifting, I have injured my neck, my shoulder, my left wrist, my left knee, and my right ankle. Sometimes it feels like I’m spending all my time training around injuries. Anyway, when I hurt my wrist, I iced the heck out of it every night and stretched it a lot to keep scar tissue from building up during the recovery process. For what it’s worth…

Thanks for the replies y’all. I’ll definitely make sure to keep stretching it. Actually now that I’ve consulted an anatomy chart and brought on a little pain, it seems that the pain is primarily in the area of the metacarpals of the index and middle fingers. I don’t know whether it’s bones or tendons or maybe even nerves? I also have pretty small wrists and big hands, so that may be contributing to the problem.

it is not smart to do coordination intensive excercises like push presses, power cleans, overhead squats under conditions of extreme fatigue. the injury was more or less bound to happen

Any history of a recent fall on your hand?

I got the same question of whether you’ve had a fall or really jarred your wrists racking a clean perhaps?

I ask 'cos what you are describing sounds very similar to what happened to me last yr when I broke my scaphoid. I broke it playing football, but didn’t know it was broken for several months because the initial pain wasn’t as bad as I would expect from a broken bone.

I’d see a doctor, but what you are describing is similar to my experience. Is it painful to do curls as well? It was for me, but pulls, DLifts were okay. Good luck mate.