Wrist injury

I was using sandbags to do biceps curls, gripping the bag with my palm perpendicular to the floor (kind of like holding a drilling machine :

The weight was heavy enough that my wrist gave up, with my pinky ending up about along the red line in this photo, if not a more:

The wrist didn’t swell and there wasn’t any pain immediately afterwards, but that night I was woken up by the pain in my wrist. I let some cold water run over it and managed to get to sleep easily.

For about a week after the incident, I iced my wrist several times during the day and tried to protect it as much as possible, because the range of motion on my wrist was limited by pain, especially during sudden movement.

Now, three months afterwards, I have better range of motion in my wrist, but I still get pain on the ulnar side (the pinky side) when trying to do biceps curls. From what I can from the outside, the wrist doesn’t look any different from the healthy one and it never really did look akward.

The alternative to keep getting my arms stronger is chin-ups. I can get a good workout with no pain, because my wrists aren’t flexing: I only get pain in my wrist when I flex it. If I flex it to hard or to suddenly, there is some pain that persist for about a day. Other than that my wrist is doing fine. It’s just some slight limitations on the range of motion that bother me.

What I would like to know is:

  • does anyone now what the diagnostic is (if there is a ligament that was torn or what the cause of the pain is)
  • what can I do for active recovery (maybe some massage or other type of treatment) and how long before I can get back to normal, pain-free full range of motion

Pretty vague description. I had/have wrist pain on the ulnar side of my wrist, it was ECU Subluxation. Couldn’t supinate my hand the whole way, and if I had weight in it when supinated it hurt. Hammer curls were fine. I had surgery on it 1 year ago. If it’s still hurting now (3 months after injury) then get it looked at cause it’s obviously injured.

Well, i gues I could simply the description a little: I was holding a sandbag with my thumb pointing upwards and under the pressure of the weight, my wrist snapped down. One way to visualise how it snapped is to point the fingers of, say, your right hand, forward and bend at the wrist so that your fingers are pointing to the right. My was forced in that direction.

From what I cant tell, the pain has subsided and I have better range of motion in my wrist, it just hurst when I snap my wrist quickly. I just can’t tell if a ligament was torn, stretched, or just the bone was bruised.

Are there some test I could perform myself on my wrist to tell exactly what happened to my hand?

[quote]Blasta wrote:
Are there some test I could perform myself on my wrist to tell exactly what happened to my hand?[/quote]

Yeah, it’s called a doctor visit. Even then, it’s no guarantee they’ll get it right but the odds of them getting it right is much better then some guy performing some random test on his wrist. If it’s still hurting, it’s obviously not healed and it’s been long enough to see a doctor. Guessing isn’t going to solve anything. Even if you get guess right how does that help you? Now you have to find a way to fix it by yourself.