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Wrist injury update

Meant to post this early in the week, but been busy. To Irondoc and everyone who responded to my first post, thank you. Took your advice and did go see the doctor, had it x-rayed, no cracked bones like I thought, just a severe strain of tendons in my wrsit and thumb. He put me on Vioxx and after two days usage it made a majot difference. Was able to lift Tuesday night and had some pain, but today it is totally gone.

Note to everyone though. Vioxx seems to be a damn good drug for treating inflamation in joints and tendons. In two days it did what seven days of ibuprofen did not. However it has the side efect of causing severe diahreah, despite when I took it, what i ate, etc. Consider carefully before using it. Was not a pleasent experience.