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Wrist Injury in Basketball Shooting Hand

I’ve been playing basketball consistenly for many years now and took atleast a 6 month break from playing last year. A few weeks after playing again I started doing some pushups and realized I couldnt put hardly any weight on my right wrist at all. When I shoot I flick my wrist which isn’t unusual and since it happened right after I started playing again I imagine thats why.

Question now is how to recover from this injury. Its been 6 months, I have been playing every week still. I never hurts when I play and only occasionaly when I twist it the wrong way but I can’t put weight on it when its at a 90 degree angle similar to a pushup.

Any advice?

Hard to say - my gut feeling is that it wasn’t shooting the ball that did it. Maybe you fell down, caught yourself with the right hand or something like that.

I’d go see a doc and figure out what it is exactly that’s wrong. Then you’ll know how to deal with it.

If you don’t wanna see a doc, you could try massaging the wrist every day, stretching the forearm muscles, foam rolling it. Take some NSAIDS as well. If that doesn’t take care of it in a couple weeks, then rest is the usual prescription. Don’t strain it in any way for a couple of weeks. No b-ball, no lifting, no pushups etc etc.

Anyway, that’s what I’d do.