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Wrist Injury, Help!

I have recently started to get a mild form of tendonitis in my wrists.

It hurts if i do work on my biceps by gripping something. When i let go of the grip my tendons feel like they ping slightly. Not much though, but enough to annoy me!

Does any one know of any workouts on biceps where you don’t have to grip with your hands so much?

Any help is much appreciated.


id make sure your Really GRABBING the bar staying as tight as you can when doing any work as well work you extensors wrap rubber band around fingers and press against it. This will likely make some odd noises etc the first few times if your really bound up but in most cases instant help.


Oh as for exercises use lifting hooks and do chins, try a false grip on rows etc that may help. you could I suppose put those ankle straps etc around wrists and curl on the cable high low pulley


Would it not be a better idea to take some time off and let it heal? Your body though…

i’d recommend champion-nutrition ProFlex … it healed my wrists!

I found out I have wrist splints.
It’s basically where the groove that the tendon sits in has become worn and causing rubbing.this is why i get sharp pains from my elbow to my little finger.

I was told to do unnatural bicep workouts like hammer curls instead of normal bicep curls so that it starts to create a new groove and doesn’t rub on the old one or to hold the tendon in place with a wrist wrap. Painful to start but gets better apparently. I will give it some rest too.

Cheers for the replys.

Actually does sound like tendonitis. Start with rest and maybe some NSAIDs. Get it checked out if it doesn’t go away.

dude… never use wrist wraps… they will decrease the pain first… but it’ll make ur wrists even weaker!!