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Wrist Injury-HELP!!!

Hello all,

I injured my wrist 10 days ago (through fall) and a had an X-ray which showed that no bones were broken. I was told that it was bruised/sprained and to rest it (hospital weren’t exactly helpful). It is still quite painful (dull ache always and then sharp shooting pain with certain movements on thumb side of wrist) and after looking around on the web in an attempt to self dignose what I have done I believe I may have torn a tendon - extensor pollicis longus. I have spoken to an Osteopath and he has suggested using deep freeze and hot and cold treatment and he did say I would just have to rest it. Estimates on the web vary from 3-8 weeks!!

I am trying to make the best of a bad situation by starting a leg & Ab specialisation prog and doing some HIIT to shed some bodyfat. BUT my main concern is obviously losing upper body mass. At the moment the pain is too much even for light training but when it subsides I plan to use: 10x10/8x8 - short rest intervals; 1 1/2 reps; Super slow reps; Dynamic/Isometric contrast as per CT.

For the moment I am just using posing contraction drills and am thinking of swimming in an attempt to at least work the upper body.

If any one has been through a similar injury or has any advice it would be gratefully appreciated. It would be good to hear from any coaches who have worked with athletes who have had such an injury.

Many thanks - I look forward to your suggestions/help.

Dan E

Just now recovering from second wrist injury this year (first from motorcycle wreck, second from falling very ungracefully off a curb). I feel your pain literally, bro. It’s hard to keep up the training at all and I found myself dreading the loss of strength. What I found I COULD do were several pulling movements. Pull-ups and rows in particular didn’t seem to hurt and even felt good for the stretch on the wrist. As far as everything else, I think you’ll just have to watch the diet more closely and wait. Be very patient and take baby steps. Just did my first 3X10 workout today with bench and felt weak as hell, but that makes the comeback even better!

Try to get ahold of Dan John. He broke his wrist and had pins put in. He still overhead squats more than I weigh (and that’s alot).

Well I injured my wrist exactly 2 weeks ago through a combo of reverse grip tricep pressdowns and curls (so I’m actually quite proud of the injury), and it still hasn’t healed. I saw the doctor about 10 days ago and was told it was either a minor sprain or tendinitis and that it should be fine in 3-5 days. I was advised to see a sports medicine specialist (which I ignored) and started lifting again 4 days post-doctor. I found that the only way it hurts for me (considering my specific injury) is with a supinated grip; so for now I just use a simple rule of thumb: if it hurts I don’t do it. While this means I can’t do dumbells, or curls, or chin ups or pull-ups…so I improvise. I use the lat pull down bar and do lat exercises on that, and I still with Waterbury-style training so as to not tax it too much (even though I’m using heavy weights). I just try to go to the gym and throw some heavy weights around. It’s not healing though…so I’m not quite sure.